Yes, we’re serious.

Behold the all-new FAIL Sticker. Now you can embarrass your friends and deflate their egos even better than before.

FAIL Sticker FAIL Sticker FAIL Sticker FAIL Sticker FAIL Sticker FAIL Sticker

5 Sticker Pack


20 Sticker Pack


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The Perfect Sticker

FAIL Stickers are awesome

Transparent Background

This is key. When you slap your FAIL sticker onto your buddy's beat up 88 Chevy, you want only the letters to show up as if someone typed the words right onto it. Otherwise, it feels like an obvious sticker job. A clear background is a no-brainer.

Perfectly Sized

We researched the most ideal size for a sticker; and that is about the size of your hand at 6" wide and 3.5" tall. If it were any smaller, it would lose the effectiveness. Any bigger, it would be too cumbersome to carry around in your pocket.

Bringing the Internet to Life

The FAIL Phenomenon

Up until this point, the word FAIL has been added digitally to photos that can only be viewed online and in your email. We took it one step further and put these four ego-deflating letters in the palm of your hand. Leave a lasting impression in real life!

Authenticity Matters

It was important to hold true to the original internet meme. We used bold, white letters in the font Impact. We chose not to tag the stickers with our name, copyright, or web address. That would get in the way of the true meaning. See for yourself.

FAIL Stickers bring the popular internet meme to life!  FAIL FTW!

Supreme Usability

FAIL Stickers are easy to read, even on complex surfaces

Increased Visibility

The previous sticker had letters that slightly showed through on dark or busy surfaces. We have fixed this! Our new stickers are more opaque and do not show through thus increasing their vibrancy. Get some stickers.

FAIL Stickers easily fit in your pocket

Easy to Carry in Pocket

The stickers are perfectly sized and prepackaged in their own resealable plastic pouch. Slide these in your back pocket for some "FAIL and run" action. With the split back easy peel, waste no time at all! Buy now.


Completely Redesigned


Thicker, more durable

Each sticker is individually manufactured and is supported by a thicker, more durable card stock. This means they can lay flat, stack easily, and the edges will not curl. Printed with high quality inks that minimize dings and scratches. Order some now.

Split Back for Easy Peel

Since each sticker is individually made, they no longer have to be torn off a roll. No more rough edges! Each sticker has a split back so peeling them off is super fast and easy and will never damage the integrity. Try a 5 Pack.

FAIL Stickers now come with a durable, split backing for easy peeling!

Wholesale Friendly

FAIL Stickers are easy to buy wholesale and resell!

No More Rolls

No longer do you need to spend time counting, tearing, sorting, and packing your stickers. The old stickers were on a large roll so it took extra time to count every sticker and tear each one on their perforated edge. If you're interested, contact us.

Now Prepackaged

All the FAIL stickers now come in small, easy to sort packages of five, saving you time and money. This drastically reduces order fulfillment and allows you to focus your efforts elsewhere. For wholesale inquiries please email us and tell us your needs.

Start FAILing now!

Where to FAIL?

Having a hard time knowing what to FAIL? Try a passed-out friend, a bum, a clogged toilet stall, annoying advertisements, busted computer equipment, leave it as a tip at a restaurant, your buddy's car, the possibilities are endless! Stock up!

How to Start

Easy, grab the 20 pack of FAIL stickers and carry them around with you. Find something humorous, ironic, broken, or embarassing and slap one on it. It takes 5 seconds and leaves a lasting impression for quite some time. Get hooked up.

FAIL Power!!